Pursuing Dreams: The UniKuusou Pet Fashion Journey

Pursuing Dreams: The UniKuusou Pet Fashion Journey

Dear Customers,

As UniKuusou Limited, we embark on a journey with a passion for crafting and curating unique pet fashion and accessories under the UniKuusou brand. Operating on Shopify, our goal is to showcase the handcrafted products of pet clothing artisans in China to a global audience. However, our journey has been a rollercoaster of challenges, and we're reaching out to you, our valued customers, for guidance and support.

Our story began over two years ago when we initially started selling pet clothing on Etsy. Despite achieving some initial success and building a steady customer base, our shop was unexpectedly closed down, leaving us puzzled and disheartened. We attempted to reopen on Etsy, encountering similar roadblocks, leading to a cycle of opening, updating, selling, and closure.

In 2022, we decided to explore Shopify, hoping to break free from the limitations we faced on Etsy. However, marketing our products proved to be another hurdle. Despite our efforts on Instagram and YouTube, our shy attempts at promotion through photos were not yielding the desired results. Frustrated, we eventually closed our Shopify store.

Fast forward to the end of 2023, and you might be wondering why we've reopened our Shopify store. The answer is simple – we believe in the persistence of our dream. Though I admit I lack effective promotional strategies, I remain committed to updating our product line. This year, I traveled extensively across China, engaging in conversations with over 58 artisans. Their enthusiastic support and willingness to contribute to our venture have inspired me to give it another shot.

Now, as we relaunch, I am reaching out to you, our community, for genuine feedback and suggestions. I seek your authentic voices, not for the sake of sales, but to enhance our journey. Whether it's ideas for pet clothing design, website layout, or recommendations for influencers (KOLs) who can join us in promoting our pet clothing – every suggestion is invaluable.

Your support is the driving force behind our journey. Together, we can turn dreams into reality. Thank you in advance for your guidance and encouragement!

Best regards,


UniKuusou Limited

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