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UniKuusou Limited:

Elevating Pet Elegance Since 2020.12


UniKuusou Limited embarked on its journey with a passion for pets and a family-driven vision. Inspired by a father's love for seeing her daughters stylishly dressing up their dogs, our business was born out of the genuine affection we hold for our furry companions. Turning our love for dogs into a thriving venture became a natural progression, aligning occupation with our deepest passions.


At UniKuusou Limited, our mission is to transcend the boundaries of pet fashion, making your beloved canine companions stylish, elegant, and utterly adorable. We believe that your pet is not just a pet; they are an extension of you, deserving the same level of care, attention, and style.


With a love for dogs ingrained in our DNA, we perceive pets as cherished family members. Our vision is to cater to their unique needs, ensuring they receive the utmost love, comfort, and style.


UniKuusou Limited has successfully carved its mark in the pet fashion industry, garnering recognition and achievements that showcase our commitment to excellence, style, and innovation, particularly within the vibrant landscape of Asia.

Exclusive Runway Shows:

UniKuusou Limited has been the highlight of exclusive pet fashion runway shows across major Asian cities, setting trends and influencing the canine couture scene.

Asia-Pacific Pet Fashion Awards:

We proudly boast multiple accolades from the Asia-Pacific Pet Fashion Awards, where our avant-garde designs and dedication to pet style have been consistently celebrated.

Celebrity Canine Ambassadors:

Our brand has been embraced by prominent Asian celebrities who have chosen UniKuusou Limited to adorn their furry friends, creating a trendsetting phenomenon in the region.

Collaboration with Asian Design Icons:

UniKuusou Limited has collaborated with renowned Asian designers to create limited-edition collections, blending cultural influences with contemporary pet fashion.

Featured in Leading Pet Magazines:

Our products have graced the pages of top-tier pet magazines in Asia, earning editorial acclaim for our innovative designs and commitment to pet comfort and elegance.

Charity Initiatives for Asian Animal Welfare:

UniKuusou Limited is actively involved in supporting various Asian animal welfare initiatives, contributing a percentage of sales to organizations dedicated to the well-being of pets across the continent.

Pet Fashion Trendsetter in Asian Metropolises:

Our brand has been instrumental in shaping pet fashion trends in bustling Asian metropolises, becoming synonymous with the chic and sophisticated urban lifestyle.

As UniKuusou Limited continues to thrive, we remain devoted to pushing the boundaries of pet fashion in Asia and beyond, ensuring that our furry friends are not just pets but esteemed fashion icons.


Founder/CEO Xiao Yuanyang

UniKuusou Founder/CEO Xiao Yuanyang

with my cat

UniKuusou cat

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