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White Cartoon Bear - Pet Winter Coat

White Cartoon Bear - Pet Winter Coat

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Size Chest(CM) Back(CM) Weight(KG)
XS 28 20 0.5-1
S 34 25 1.5-2
M 38 30 2.5-3.5
L 44 35 4-5
XL 48 40 5.5-9


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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Lao Emo
This is the one I can't stop praising

This is the one I can't stop praising – putting it on turns my pet into an escaping princess in the winter. The cotton coat can be incredibly beautiful, with a skirt adorned with lamb's wool and stylish sleeve buttons. It looks absolutely stunning! There's even a leash buckle, making it convenient for both beauty and warmth. This is not just a piece of pet clothing; it feels like royal treatment crafted for my dog. Wearing this outfit, it transforms into a little princess, and I become the creator of its exclusive kingdom. The lamb's wool on the skirt and the design of the sleeve buttons give it an elegant and adorable look. The thoughtful addition of the leash buckle is not only convenient for travel but also ensures my pet stays warm during the chilly winter. Overall, it's not just a fashionable choice; it's a luxurious experience for my little princess!

Maharada sod2
Loves it.

Loves it. Every time I bring out this pet clothing, my dog's expression is pure joy! It seems to sense the specialness of this garment, eagerly anticipating the moment to put it on. The design of the clothing not only follows fashion trends but also considers the comfort of the pet. Judging by my dog's reaction, it's not just accepting the new attire but truly falling in love with it. This reinforces my belief that choosing this pet clothing was an excellent decision. Witnessing my pet's delight brings me immense joy; it's not just a piece of clothing but a symbol of the deep bond between us.

Clown BB

Clown Dog's showcase, the clothes look great. My dog looks absolutely adorable in this outfit—it's so much fun! The design of the Clown Dog is incredibly unique, with bright colors that are lively without being too flashy, giving my dog a playful and cute appearance. Moreover, the cut of the clothes fits perfectly, showcasing my pet's lovable figure without restricting its freedom of movement. The choice of fabric is also very thoughtful, soft and gentle on the skin, making my dog feel incredibly comfortable. This purchase was truly worthwhile; seeing my dog happily frolicking in this outfit, I feel confident that I made the right choice!


Exceptional! The seller is exceptionally good, and the clothes are exceptional too. The shopping experience was delightful, with the seller providing warm and thoughtful service, patiently addressing all my queries. Moreover, the order processing speed was impressive; I almost received a confirmation message as soon as I placed the order, making it incredibly efficient. As for the quality of the clothes, it truly exceeded my expectations – finely crafted with comfortable fabric. The accuracy of both color and size was remarkable, precisely meeting my expectations. Overall, I am extremely satisfied with this purchase and will continue to explore the seller's other products.

Tomas A.

The clothes are excellent; my black dog looks incredibly spirited wearing them. The design is not only fashionable but also fits perfectly, providing both comfort and style for my furry friend. The choice of fabric is well-considered, soft and breathable, ensuring warmth without restricting movement. Moreover, the attention to detail is evident in the meticulous craftsmanship, reflecting the creator's dedication. Overall, this garment not only enhances the dog's fashion quotient but also brings a sense of accomplishment to the owner. A highly satisfying shopping experience!